Licensing options for Synthetica
  • The commercial license enables you to use and distribute Synthetica together with your commercial application.
  • Non-commercial applications can use and distribute Synthetica and some of our Synthetica-Themes for free - see also Themes.

Commercial License

A commercial license is required if you want to embed or distribute Synthetica together with a commercial application or if you derive a look and feel based on Synthetica. Commercial licenses gain access to product support. For pricing information please contact sales (at)

Non-Commercial License

The non-commercial license is for private purposes only. Your application is Non-Commercial if you can answer all of the questions below with 'NO'. The term 'application' represents the software you've developed and which makes use of Synthetica or Synthetica based look and feels.
  • Do you, or any third party sell the application?
  • Do you get paid (directly or indirectly) for the development of the application?
  • Do you earn money by providing, distributing or supporting the application?
  • Is the application used by a commercial company or in a commercial environment?
  • Is the application distributed as Open Source?

License Types

License Type
For pricing information please contact sales (at)
Small Business*
Site License
Site License
Source Code
License includes usage of themes. checked checked checked
Entitles you to distribute world wide together with your application. checked checked
Entitles you to distribute world wide together with all your applications. checked
Java-2D theme template as source code. checked
Complete library source code included. checked
* You are Small Business if your company consists of three persons max.